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Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Take on Fake - A real fake dream

Recently the word "fake" created tremors in the online-office market. Its not the first time i'm hearing the word creating verbal buzz. Even during the recent IPL matches, a blogger claims himself as a "Fake IPL Player" and gets a good traffic. And the recent finds are "Fake Office" from Zoho & "Fake Search" from google.

And wondered how marketing with a negative term kindles people interest and thereby the effective handler to popularity.

I slept with this one thing in mind, popularity., popular.., pop.., and fall asleep.

As soon i slept, i got a dream wherein i'm a VP from Mightysoft, the most established software corporation in the world.And the product that i'm working on is dragging to get released but the small players in the same market doing well and going steady. As usual media starts predicting our declining indices by comparing with those emerging ones and keeps pestering for our response.

And its my time to address the media. I'm on a urge to prepare a content which should yield some trust among shareholders. It seems impossible to use the same old way of promising to fail in keeping it. So we took a different route now, attacking all of our competitors with negative terms thereby taking advantage by creating distrust on them.

Fake has a proven track record but using it again might look alike a faking thing, hence we dropped that word.

After a prolonging iteration we have come up with the best of worst word, and it is "porn". And we thought of calling our competitors as "porn office", don't apply your sense to look at the meaning as it doesn't needs one(while slinging the mud one should not worry of getting dirty). Our highlevel committee too agreed upon the word "porn" and trusts it has the proven potential to keep our stock index always inclined. But my boss isn't pleased with our suggestion as the word already owns a multi-billion$ market and afraid that it might become an attractive element in favor of them.

Our first attempt in pleasing our boss becomes disastrous and i looked for an impressive word again.

Banging my head for a while and i never thought finding a catchy negative term will be this much tougher. But I always rely on my thinking tank which keeps overflowing to sink me with ideas. wow got it, bankruptcy.. debt.., sink.., ship.., and the word is "titanic".

Now we preferred to attack with the word "titanic office". Unlike previous attempts there are reasons here to pick this word, titanic literally will create a visual of "sinking ship" in the customers mind. Thereby we can create panic among people which might resist them using their products. And there is one more added advantage to it. If they intend to create a funny movie out of my word. Then this strategic word "titanic" may pull more money out of their pocket as part of production expenses and thereby to debt. Moreover, even if they managed to produce one, James Cameroon himself will come all the way to join me to call it as a "Fake Titanic" movie.

Oh no, i woke up.

Ok readers, i just want to surrender to your brilliance, agree i didn't sleep and its not actually a dream, so you can claim it as a "fake dream". But calling something as "fake dream" does means more of like a real one, but its not real. Now its neither real nor dream and proves to be fake by all means, what you say? can we call it as a "real fake dream" (seems i'm going mad with poor jokes) ;)


  1. gud post vivek... a nice thought.. fake though...

  2. Goood one Vivek :) Fake but a real joke ;)

  3. nice one vivek....keep faking others...

  4. hearing too much of fake work nowadays. when can we get the real thing?

    btw, good imagination with the titanic office.

  5. What The Fake? ;-)

  6. A goog imagination.

    Guess.. This seems not like "Fake Titanic" its like "Fake Matrix".. go and see that movie. I know you won't see that movie (DVD), so better be like "Fake Titanic".

  7. Thanks all. I really(not fake :)) enjoyed reading all your comments.

  8. @vivek : another interesting post of yours

  9. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Hey buddy it seems you have (fake) knowledge.... Keep it up...

    I can say you are the Mr. Fake Vivekanandar, Mr. Fake Vivek (Actor).


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